Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Y entonces...

Ok. So I'm going to do a real post now. I realized I am risking losing whatever piddly readership I ever had to begin with. Not that my readers are piddly, just the quantity...then again, quality over quantity right?

Not in America.

Anyway. This is what I've been up to since I last posted. Those last couple weeks in May I did nothing but write on my gd thesis. And, I actually managed to finish the first draft. Sent copy of revised chapter 1 to second reader, sent brand new chapters 2 and 3 to original reader/director. More on this later.

Started a freelance writing job...Worked one week every day in the office, then the rest from home. The job was/is a total godsend, cause I also found out I couldn't get enough financial aid to cover my tuition this summer. It's going to be an off and on thing when they have projects, but something is better than nothing.

On June 1, I officially started a Spanish class. Verdad. No more procrastinating or thinking I'm gonna study on my own and test out of it, etc. etc. etc...I'm in the class. For the first few days, or maybe the whole week it pretty much sucked and pretty muched stressed the hell out of me, trying to figure out everything, but now...es muy fácil. I have an awesome grade. After 2 years of feeling at the bottom of the pile in grad school, I finally feel on top again. I dunno if that's a good thing or if it's just REALLY SAD.

I'm going for the latter.

Met with my thesis director last week. He just got back to the country and had a chance to look at everything. To my delight, he didn't rip everything apart. But he is making me add some stuff. Also, he's going to cite me in a paper he's writing (!). This was incredibly flattering for about 5 minutes, then it gave way to sheer and utter panic.

So, here's what's next on the agenda:

Finishing up Spanish (only 1 week left!)
Revising thesis chapters
Looking for a real job

Today I'm going to go watch the World Cup, Spain vs. France, at the Alamo. Allez les bleus!

Que bueno. Hasta luego.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Matt said...

¡Que bueno! And don't you mean "former" instead of "latter"...

I hope the drive to San Antonio to watch the Spain/France match went well ;). If you need an additional proofreader, let me know.


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