Friday, March 17, 2006

Madness=UP; Productivity=LOW

Well once again it's March Madness time...with the exception of a 2 hour jag into the outside world, I spent all of yesterday on the couch watching college basketball. Actually, I would watch basketball and then fall asleep (due to my horrendous allergies that have knocked me out the entire week) then watch more basketball, then fall asleep again. In between sleep and wakefulness, I would admire Raul's ability to multi-task on the computer and still keep up with what was going on in the game.

What a day.

So far this Spring Break, I have done absolutely no work whatsoever on my thesis but I have:

*gone shopping
*watched the high school boys' state bball championship
*worked at the Heart of Texas regatta
*did my annual female checkup
*watched almost all of the Golden Girls Season 4
*cleaned out my closet
*cleaned the bathroom/kitchen and mopped the floors

...and I guess that's about it. Sad. I had such high hopes for my thesis productivity this week. Sigh. I guess I could blame my allergies...I was too tired and sick to do anything. I've been telling myself I might get some stuff done this weekend, but let's be honest, I probably won't.

Oh, and I just realized today's St. Patty's Day. Time to pull out the ole' Irish shirt. Whohoo!


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