Friday, March 17, 2006

Damn you, weirdly spelled name!!!!

So the other day when I was whining to my mom about not having anything to do during Spring Break, she said, "You know, I just heard on NPR that apparently there's this music festival in Austin going on this week, called 'South by Southwest' should try to go."

Hmm, yes I think I might have heard a *little* something about it.........the 500 gazillion people who have descended upon Austin this week might have also let me in on a little something...

Anyway, I couldn't afford (nor did I really want to buy) the $800 platinum pass, but I was really excited about a free concert by Beth Orton, followed by KT Tunstall at Waterloo Records today!

So I showed up an hour early, magically got into the store, and magically got a spot right up by the stage. Whohoo!

After 2 freaking awesome concerts, I ran to get in line for KT Tunstall's autograph. I was so proud of myself for remembering to bring my copy of her CD. As I was waiting, one of the Waterloo people came around with Post-it notes writing the name of who you wanted it autographed for, in order to speed up the process.

Well, at first the guy thought I said, "Cornelius"...(who the hell is named Cornelius???) We cleared up that little error, and he writes "Courtenay" down on the Post-it and sticks it to my CD. I continued to wait in line and started having a little debate in my head about whether I wanted to just abbreviate it to "Court" or keep it as the end I decided I liked my full name and that I should just leave it at that, especially considering only my really good friends call me "Court" and, you know, KT doesn't know me all that I was kind of embarrassed to scribble out part of my name and hand it to her, lest she think I was some crazy obsessive person who can't make up her mind or something...(it's so much fun to live in my head!!!)

Well, finally, it was my turn and I hand my CD to KT's bodyguard, who says, "Make it to Courtenay" and shows her the Post-it. Meanwhile I shake KT's hand and tell her I love her music, she scribbles away, hands me the CD, and says (in her lovely Scottish brogue), "Wicked."

As I walked away, I felt awesome and glanced down at my CD...

...only to discover that SHE MISSPELLED MY EFFING NAME!!!!!!! SONOFA!

Sigh...why can't anyone ever get my name right?? I don't have big expectations. I understand that it's spelled weird and people will probably make mistakes. But when I went to the trouble to have it written down properly....sigh...

...I knew I should have just asked her to write "To Court".........


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous erin said...

Beth Orton would've spelled it right. She rocks.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SONOFA! That sucks! But how effing awesome that you MET HER! I've been listening to her interviews up here in Denver and soooo want to see her. Actually, she was here this week and performed at a local bar...of course I missed it.

ALSO, Sean told me about that South by Southwest (or whatever it's called) festival and I suggested we come down for it, but it didn't work out. Damn. :) Maybe next year.

I have another "soooo hot. want to touch the hiney" boy: JD Fortune. He is soooo hot, I want to touch the hiney :-)

Lastly, I got a job! A real one! With Jeppesen in Englewood (South Denver) and have just finished my first week. So far so good. Also, I guess that Nora had been looking for a job and she too has just started.

Brigid won't be going back to that MI school 'cause they hired on some new sisters who will fill out some of the grades. So I think she's looking around South Bend possibly.

Latah chica,

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Cornelius Fudge...

Oh, but I do have to say, I like KT's "Black Horse & the Cherry Trees" (which is the only thing I've heard by her.


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