Monday, January 30, 2006


Well after months of biding my time, it finally happened...I fell into Town Lake.

I knew falling in was inevitable, but I had really hoped it would maybe be in July or August, when falling in would be rather refreshing.

But no, I fell in:

*During Mid-January, and while this is Texas, the water was still pretty freaking cold...

*On a particularly gross water day...Town Lake is never the epitome of clean, but the floating dead duck and cloudy water and debris were not super encouraging. Come on.

So here's what happened: Erin and I rig our sculls and I have this debate in my head about whether I should put my SMC ring back in my bag all the way in the locker room, or just tie it to my shoelace...something tells me I should really put it in my bag in the locker room. So I do.

Sign #1.

Erin and I back out and can't get over how gross and cloudy the water looks.

Sign #2.

Erin and I get going and the wind is a little obnoxious and my foot stretchers are making this annoying *creak creak* sound. We pass Joe's Crab Shack and notice some random guy swimming around the lake. Random guy yells out about water being gross.

Sign #3.

Erin and I go under the 35 bridge and get some water. She says while in theory she could go down to Longhorn damn, she doesn't need to. I am feeling pretty uncomfortable at this point and don't particularly want to go all the down there either. Erin makes another comment about how gross the water is, and further adds, "Today's not the day I want to go in the water." We make jokes about falling in and how it would be ideal to do it in July. Silly silly girls.

Sign #4.

We go down to the yellow dock, turn around, I am feeling more and more uncomfortable, I've already had a couple close calls, Erin asks if I'm ok. I'm fine, just really ready to get back. We cross under 35 again and row past a dead duck floating in the water.

I don't know if I'd classify that as a sign or an omen.

I have another close call, we stop for water and talk about how we can't wait to get back to the dock, this row sucks, the weather is crap, what is up with this NASTY water, and I whine about my back hurting.

This was the last sign I was going to get.

I start up, don't square my oars well due to wind and waves, but happens again, and this time...I don't recover. My right oar catches a major crab, and I go spilling into the water.

The first thing I thought was "Son of a bitch it's f-ing cold!!!"

The second thing I thought was "My shoes are gone!"

The third thing I thought was "Son of a bitch it's f-ing cold!!!"

The fourth thing I thought was "Thank God I decided not to be lazy and put my SMC ring back in my bag"

The fifth thing I thought was "Hooray my shoes (amazingly enough) are still there!"

And the only thing I thought after that was "Son of a bitch it's cold" and "How the hell am I gonna get back in the boat???"

For those of you who have never's not like just climbing into a little rowboat. Because your oars keep it balanced, you have to make sure they're straightened out, then hold onto them to hoist yourself back in.

Well this went on and on for a looooong time. And everytime Erin tried to maneuver her boat to hold onto my oar (risking falling in herself) the current and/or wind would move her or me away.

Finally, after debating swimming (with my boat in tow of course, I watched the safety video) to shore, Erin managed to get on the side of me and hold my oar, and I hoisted myself in...banging myself hard on the edge as I swung my leg over (Thank GOD I'm not a boy) and almost losing my socks.

We sat there and calmed down for a few minutes and then I had to get back on dry land.

So we rowed...CAREFULLY back to the dock. As we were making our way in, we notice the police speed boat barreling across, and another officer out on the dock asking us if we had seen anyone in the water.


Apparently he couldn't see water-drenched me very well...and actually I don't know if they were even looking for me or for someone else, but if they were...kudos to the city of Austin on the quick response time...and kudos to whoever the nice person was who possibly saw me fall in.

And a huge gi-normous kudos to Erin who:
1. Kept me from panicking (too much).
2. Got my ass back in the boat.
3. Lent me her Teva sandals, walking in front of the Four Seasons in workout pants and high-heels, all for my sake.

Morals to the story:
1. Don't ever go row by yourself when there is no one out on the water (I would've been soooooooo screwed...).
2. Don't ever tie jewelry to your shoelaces and think that's a good idea.
3. Pay attention to the signs, man!


At 11:04 PM, Anonymous erin said...

okay, I'm seriously laughing about it now. And YOU ARE going sculling again, woman! You own that damn wind!!!

Getting through rowing club training without them giving you a dunk test . . . $160.

New shoes . . . $40.

A commemorative dead duck on Archie McPhee . . . $5.95.

Getting to walk past the Four Seasons hotel looking like the Hike and Bike Trail Hooker and still have the doormen open up the door for you . . . priceless.

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.K. this is my second try at posting a comment.
Why did I pick today to catch up on your blog? All I have to say is I'm glad you seem to have learned a lesson from this experience. Every time I've ever said, "courtenay, don't go out on the water alone, o.k.?" You have always answered, "Oh, please!" Anyway, being the good gentile mother that I am, I certainly will never say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! TEEEHHHEEEEEEEEEEE.

I think the only person missing must have been Chelsea! Bring back memories.

love you......

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


MUCH enjoyment reading that one :) :) :) :) :)


At 7:34 AM, Blogger Matt said...

So definately a sign (as in "Give me a sign... hit me baby one more time ;).

Court, if you want to take up swimming, I'd recommend a pool. But seriously, I glad you're ok and that Erin was around to help. And think of it this way: you've gotten your falling into the lake over with.

This coming from the person who fell in on his first sculling clinic day... ahh I miss rowing.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Court said...

Erin: LOL. I think I'd prefer the Jesus Bobblehead on AMcP.

Marilyn: Sorry.

Carol: Gee thanks!

Matt: Yeah, I remembered your advice, fortunately...


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