Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wake me up from this nightmare!!!

So I've been having these really vivid, wild dreams lately...The other night I dreamed people were getting murdered. I woke up with my heart racing and spots of drool all over the street (I have no idea how drool and fear are connected, but somehow they were).

But that did not disturb me nearly as much as last night's "dream," in which I was frantically trying to take a test (I think it was about research methods, a class I'm not even taking until next semester) in a 50 minute period.

My alarm went off...and the professor in my dream said, "Oh no you don' have to finish up this exam...!"

So I hit snooze...and went back to frantically writing as fast as I could in the 9 minutes I had left.


What actually scared me the most in all of this was the detail and brilliance of my responses...beautifully worded and technically superior.

So sick and wrong.

Oh, and I'm going to blame this all on phonology too...


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