Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's I've been up to...

Alright, so once again a lengthy pause...quite honestly there hasn't been a lot to report from South Bend (shocker).

For the most part I've just been visiting people...on Monday, Nance and I went to Michigan City to visit our peeps...great to see everybody.

On Tuesday, I puttered around and visited my dear old lady friend.

On Wednesday, more puttering around, then Nance and I drove up to Michigan to visit our friend Jane, who's working as a director at this remote little camp on some random lake. I like Michigan in the summer.

On Thursday...puttering and sitting out on the deck overlooking the river at my old lady friend's.

On Friday, a long lunch with Emile Rippee and Lori G at Martins, followed by puttering. Met up with Brigid and one of her friends to see "Must Love Dogs" (don't waste your time...unless you actually like romantic comedies), then joined by Carol to go over to Hacienda for margaritas, where we met a very chatty waitress.

On Saturday, met up with more friends and our usual Martins lunch afterwards...later met up with Brig and Carol to hear Barbara Ehrenreich speak about her book, Nickel and Dimed. After deciding we were all going to move to Canada, we went swing dancing, then finished up the evening at Nick's Patio.

On Sunday, puttering around town with Nanci, then met up with Trish, the new love of her life, and Jackson at Lula's for coffee. Then went for a walk around the East Race. Good times.

On Monday, me, Nance, her friend Heidi, and her baby Lydia headed out to Michigan City for outlet mall shopping. Ahhhhh. This was followed by dinner with old friends and a reunion.

On Tuesday, me, Nance, and two fellow cult members went to Chicago to shop at this random huge Salvation Army store (I came away empty-handed, but did have a big freak out moment in viewing all the clutter), then on to a cult meeting and back.

So that's that. Nothing else really planned this week, other than more puttering and visiting people. Maybe a trip to the Notre Dame book store. *cringe*

Oh, and I've also been watching hours of The Golden Girls and Unsolved Mysteries.

Cable is evil.


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

The NY Times said it best about 'Must Love Dogs'... ..."makes 'You've Got Mail' feel like Chekov". Also, John Cusack should never have been filmed in such a high definition of film, even when he was Lloyd Dobbler. I really want those 90 minutes of my life back.

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Court said...

Ugh, I know.

But how'd you like them wooden racing boats???


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