Thursday, August 04, 2005


So I don't know what it is about Notre Dame, but despite my love/hate relationship, it manages to suck me in every time.

Today Brig and I went to "Tiffany's", otherwise known as the Notre Dame bookstore, to do a little looking around. While at first I scoffed at the ridiculously inflated the end I had to make myself put things back and get the hell out of there. Oy.

After our posh excursion, we went to see "March of the Penguins". Cute film, and I like Morgan Freeman, but I have to agree with my friend Robyn when she criticizes "them" for trying to humanize animals, e.g., "...the penguins do it all (taking care of their eggs, etc) for love." No. They do it all because they are animals and it is programmed into their natural instincts.

Anyway. It was cute despite that little annoyance. I learned a lot about penguins.

Afterwards we went to the new Hacienda on the South There's another big South Bend change.

The excitement of the evening, however, was seeing (by chance) my ex-boyfriend walking down the street downtown, presumably on his dinner break...heebie jeebies. I've managed to avoid him for three years now...he looks exactly the same. At least he didn't see me.

One more day in South Bend, then I'm off for another exciting stint in the airports...then I'm back in Austin...FOR GOOD..............!


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