Thursday, July 21, 2005

Homesick...cause I no longer know...where home is...

Got back from Baton Rouge last night...wish I had more to report, but not much to say. It was good to see the family, although somewhat weird...I realized this is the first time I've been with my brother and his wife without my mom around...usually the only time we see each other is around the holidays.

So that was strange but kinda cool. It's funny though, every time I go back to Louisiana, I have these weird deja vu kind of experiences of being a kid, and memories that were so long ago, and yet seem like yesterday. That's pretty normal I guess.

It was good to get back to Austin though. I'll be at "home" in Texas for two days, then off to one of my other "homes"...this time in America's Heartland...

South Bend, Indiana here I come!


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