Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fourth o' July Fun

Behold, half of crewU in photo!

Last night to celebrate the 4th, the rowing club held a scratch regatta and bbq. Having missed the deadline to register for the race, and having also missed the deadline to pay for BBQ tix, a few of us (without any better plans) decided to bring our own foodstuffs, watch all the other crews sweat, and enjoy the fireworks after.

While everyone else ate their chicken and pork in the 102 degree weather, we feasted on brie, hummus, bread, grapes and tomatoes. While everyone else carried around their boats and heaved them in and out of the water, we sat at the picnic tables in the shade and watched.

I wouldn't say we're a bunch of slackers...I'd say we're just selectively focused.

Finally, when it got dark, we joined everyone on the docks for some fireworks action...we had a perfect view, in spite of the bobbing up and down and eventual sagging of the dock underneath our weight...and job well done to the city of Austin for the fireworks...I was impressed.


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