Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Four-Hour Tour...(a four-hour tour)...

Yesterday, to say goodbye to Anne and Matt (who are not actually moving until next weekend, but still...), a big bunch of us rented a pontoon boat to spend the day on Lake Travis.

I don't think I actually knew what a pontoon boat was, until yesterday.

I left the house in my usual state of mind, running late and stressed out about it. The lake was a lot farther than I had thought. Finally I made it to the place, found a legal place to park, and made it down to the dock area. As I was making my way down the steps to join everyone, my foot suddenly went in a big rock-filled hole in the middle of the "staircase". I then made a graceful fall on my ass, contorting my foot into an interesting, yoga-like, unnatural position in the process.

Fortunately, I was still able to hobble, so I made my way down to the boat, slathered on the sunscreen, and off we went.

Here is what I learned about Pontoon boats yesterday:

1. They are impossible to sink (in spite of numerous attempts).
2. Don't bring anything aboard that you don't want completely soaked.

We puttered around Lake Travis for awhile, going for a short swim before returning to pick up Robyn and Robert, then more puttering, then more swimming, puttering, swimming, etc etc etc.

All the while, I noticed each time I started to get up and walk around, or climb up the ladder into the left foot was not being very cooperative. By the time we docked and cleaned up our stuff...I couldn't walk.

Given the fact I couldn't walk, it followed that I also was incapable of driving, since that required mashing the clutch with said injured foot. So Matt went to cherche my car and drove me back to Claire and Brett's, where they gave me Advil and ice, shortly followed by grilled burgers and sweet potatoes.

After awhile I could actually move my foot...and after another short while I could hobble again. Robyn drove me home, and I could actually walk up our rocky driveway sans assistance.

Today my sunburn is bothering me more than my foot (I don't know what was going on when I put on sunblock yesterday, but I have the most random burn pattern ever)...but my foot still hurts. Hopefully things will be back to "normal" tomorrow.

In any case, I can now say that I have had the "Austin" experience of being on a pontoon boat in Lake Travis. *And* I got to be pampered and coddled for a few hours after...


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