Saturday, June 04, 2005

Your lil' Tessie needs to shut the hell up!

Hello from Nantes mes amis.

Just to give a brief summary of the rest of my sejour in Strasbourg...Nothing very eventful happened. I had lunch again with Eliane, walked around a bit, and hung out with Christelle for awhile chatting.

I did return to place St. Etienne one more time in an attempt to see F-head. I swear to God I heard his annoying voice, but couldn't seem to pick him out of the crowd. So alas and alack, maybe next time.

Also interesting to report is that Strasbourg now has a Subway. As in the sandwich chain. Which they were building right when I left. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to eat there before I took off...not enough meals in the day. But I did take a picture in front of the place, so voila.

The highlight of my last day in Strasbourg was dinner with Christelle at Le Petit Ours, my favorite restaurant in the world. Honestly. Chris and I ordered salad with goat cheese (wrapped in tortillas with sauce) along with a small brochette of chicken and quinoa. That was just the entree.

For the plat, I got pintade (some sort of game bird) with cumin and other random stuff and these crazy Alsacian potato noodles; and Chris had veal wrapped en croute with potatoes and crazy spices. Halfway through we switched plates. She also got a dessert which looked most excellent.

Ahh, le Petit Ours...until next time.

I'm also proud to say I did not eat any choucroute or pork product of any kind.

I took off Friday morning for Nantes, and got to enjoy a big group of Americans on the loosely quote David Sedaris, the kind of Americans who make other Americans cringe.

They were, of course, loud, and had a bratty baby named Tessie who was the spoiled kid I have ever seen, who they permitted to jump from seat to seat, and who had the amazing power to make all the other children in the train cry right along with her.

Perhaps more annoying, however, was Tessie's grandmother, who insisted on saying her name every 5 seconds.

Oh la la.

I arrived in Nantes around 6 and was met by Louise, who I barely recognized now that she's an official teenager. We got some coffee then were picked up to go to a soiree at Lionel and Veronique's colleagues house.

After a long apéro of fresh veggies, snackies and orange juice with champagne (just juice for me), we sat down to a buffet of chicken, turkey with fig halves around it, potato salad, tomatoes farcies, charcuterie, melon and etc etc etc.


Then le fromage, then dessert...melon balls in martini glasses soaked in champagne (just fruit straight up for me) and some unbelievable looking gateau. Since I no longer eat sugar I could only admire but it was typically French.

Typically French down to the 5 hours we spent eating and talking.

It's great to be back.


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