Monday, June 27, 2005

Vivian Makes a New Friend...

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Check out the creepy Monkfish, courtesy of Pike Place fish market. Fortunately for Vivian, we put her next to it and took the picture before the guys behind the counter started pulling a string to make it move. Another poor kid wasn't so lucky, and I'm sure he needed a new pair of underpants when it was all said and done...

I'm wrapping up a pretty "wheat" (as Nate would say) weekend with my cousin. Yesterday we went out to the zoo in the morning, after stopping for ESPRESSO along the way. Seattle has a very nice zoo, and I have to say that while normally I have issues with zoos and keeping wild animals caged, this didn't bother me too much.

Well done Seattle.

The highlight was visiting the butterfly house, a warm and toasty little solarium with butterflies all over the place. Creepy, yet kind of cool.

After returning to the house for Vivian's nap time, we set out again to New Orleans restaurant in Pioneer Square.

The food was good, but I have to be honest and say that my red beans and rice totally kicked theirs' a$$.

Afterwards, Eric and V went home, while Laurie and I went on the Seattle Underground Tour--that is, the over-21, "Naughty" version of the underground tour.

After being completely scandalized, we had a drink and talked till the late hour of 10 pm. Then we headed on home.

Today Laurie, V and I went out to Pike's Place. After scoring rock star parking, we headed straight for the fish market.

To our dissappointment, no one seemed to be ordering fish today, so we had very minimal throwing action. We finally decided to leave and see everything else, ending with lunch at some "French" cafe. They actually had TARTE FLAMBEE on the menu!!!!! I didn't order it, but was vraiment impressed that it even made an appearance.

We pretty much chilled for the rest of the evening, rounding off the weekend with a viewing of "South Park The Movie."

Shut your f-ing face Uncle F-er!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I head back to Cheryl and Greg's, and Tuesday...back to Austin and ...the reality of life.

You can't avoid it forever.


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