Sunday, June 05, 2005


Fete du Velo
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So I've finally made up for my panic-ridden moment of embarrassment in San Francisco--I succeeded in participating in the annual Fete du Velo!

I also succeeded in driving Lionel's little Rover all around Centre Ville, with the help of my navigator Louise.

Despite my prayers, we did not wake up to rain this morning. At breakfast, Lionel and Veronique asked me if I wanted to do the Fete du Velo, that they were cool either way etc.

So I decided to be brave and say "Why not, as long as you guys are patient with me."

Then they decided since they all had bikes and I would have to rent one, that I could drive their car over to the starting point.

I drive a stick shift, but Lionel's car is from the 80's, plus I have never driven in France and the whole idea really freaked me out, but I put on a brave face and said, "Let's do it."

Louise pointed me exactly where to go, we went around double rond points sans probleme, we arrived sans probleme, parallel parked sans probleme, and went to go rent a bike.

We also had to rent a kiddie seat for Virgile the dog to ride in, so I ended up taking Vero's bike, which was very nice and easy.

The scenery was nice, and I didn't fall, not one single time, and at the end I was sorry to be finished.

That is, until I got off the bike and couldn't walk.

Still, I might consider buying one when I return to Austin.

Afterwards, Louise and I got back to the maison first and crashed, Lionel and Veronique came back later, then company came for an apéro, then dinner.

Now, sleep.


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