Saturday, June 11, 2005

La Vie en Rose

So back in Paris...not a lot of time to blog, because now I'm on an early to bed/early to rise schedule...the only problem is I haven't done a lot of early to bed.

Got here around 7 yesterday after a triste goodbye to Lionel, Veronique and Virgile (said good bye to Louise at lunch). Met Patty at the hotel and went with the whole crazy gang to have gallettes/crepes. You can never have enough of those.

Afterwards we went for a long walk and I was reminded why I love Paris, especially in the summer.

This morning we left the hotel at 7:30 for the Le Bourget (sp??) where the airshow is being held. Spent most of the day unpacking and organizing the hospitality room, trying to make the coffee machines work, and yelling at French people for various things, including "why is the carpet green and yellow", and "who was in charge of setting off the evacuation false alarm?" Good thing I had a chance to practice my French these last two weeks.

The excitement of the day was when a mysterious black bag was found and the security team came running out to evacuate people. As it turned out, it was just one of the worker's bags and she was very embarrassed.

At least they're on top o' things.

Tonight we got back around 8ish, and several of us went for pizza. We decided to call it a night early and I'm finally taking advantage of the free wireless in the hotel lobby.

More updates later...must sleep.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

La Vie en Rose reminds me of the movie "Sabrina" which I watched the other day... Watch out for green carpet, although it's better than rough Town Lake waters, I'm sure.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Court said...

Ooooh, great movie!!


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