Tuesday, June 07, 2005

La Reine? C'est Moi.

Hi all,

Still no big things to report. Today was mostly spent in the kitchen making the best red beans and rice anyone has ever tasted. Seriously. I even managed to impress the hell out of myself.

Woke up this morning and after breakfast and coffee time, I took Virgile the dog for a real long walk. Since Veronique insists on feeding me like a Jewish mother, I need to have some sort of physical activity. There are a few parks around the neighborhood that are really scenic...En plus, today was a beautiful day.

After we got back, Virgile conked out on the floor exhausted, and I got lunch ready for Louise. Got a chance to talk on the phone to my friend Nanci, then I started the red beans and rice fun.

Vero came home around 6, and took me grocery shopping with her. The one thing I do miss in France is grocery shopping (surprise surprise). I just like looking around at all the different stuff...particularly the dairy aisle...and it's especially fun to go with Veronique, who is not only kind enough to point out interesting/different things, but is also the cheese MASTER. I never actually went to a fromagerie before because I was too scared, but watching Vero in action...wow. She must have bought 6 different kinds of cheese...brie, roquefort, chevre, feta, and a couple other things I didn't know. I tip my hat to her.

We got back around 8 and I busted out the red beans. I also introduced them to garlic bread...REAL garlic bread, meaning grated garlic mixed with real butter. A hit...a big grand hit.

I'm just mad at myself because we ate out in their yard and the weather was so nice and I forgot to take pictures. Dammit!

Tomorrow Lionel is taking me out to do some little touristy things.



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