Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy Birfday Me

I turn 26 today. Hooray!

Bizarrely enough, I am once again in France for my birthday. I've had 4 birthdays in France: my tenth, celebrated in our garden in Champtoceaux, my 21st, celebrated in Paris in Indian Restaurant Alley, and my 25th. Last year at this time, I had just handed Foncia back the keys to 12 place St. Etienne and then proceeded to wander around Strasbourg, get a haircut, and have dinner at Le Petit Ours with Meghan and Christelle. Afterwards, Meg and I stayed at a hotel and then left early the next morning to return to the States.

It was actually kind of a depressing day, except for the Petit Ours part. En plus, it's kind of bizarre to think about how much things have changed in a year.

But anyway, blah blah blah whatever.

Today Veronique's adorable niece and nephew came over, along with Vero's mom. We had lunch together, then went shopping in Centre Ville.

My mission was to find scarves in particular colors, and Louise, the shopping maven, brought me to the perfect place. I got exactly what I wanted, and we then proceeded to walk around centre ville, bumping into a huge gay pride rally along the way. There were three big floats playing YMCA, with a bunch of teenagers dancing suggestively on them. Not really sure what that was all about. These were followed by a group carrying a huge rainbow flag, followed by stragglers, and enfin a group of drag queens on another float.

When we had enough of goggling, Louise took me to her favorite store, which was basically like a regular American store that is young and trendy, and in which I always feel super uncomfortable, because I am neither. Except let's just double the uncomfortable part, because it was in France.

Although on the trendy part, I happen to own a pair of Van shoes that I got on sale in Austin for $20, and which (according to Louise)happen to be très à la mode right now in France. I was really excited about that, until I realized that part of the style is to not tie up the laces, but rather tuck them in the shoe.

So I'm nulle on that part as well.

Since they fit her, I told Louise she could borrow them for the week.

After shopping, we just puttered around the house, had dinner, and I decided to finally catch up on my emails.

Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, we're going to do the Fete de Velo, this big event where they shut down a road and everyone prends a pique-nique and rides their bike.

After my bike experience in San Francisco (check out the March 2005 archive), I have to say I'm sort of hoping for rain.

But we'll see how it goes.


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