Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dueling Thomases

So, here are the results of Tuesday, my first full day in Strasbourg:

Cell phones set up: 1
Grande café crèmes drunk: 1
Dinners à la Française eaten: 1
Pictures of creepy spiders viewed: 1
Guys named Thomas met: 2

Here's a more detailed lowdown:

I slept late. Late for me, anyway, until 11 a.m. I ate breakfast while Christelle ate lunch, and after she left for work, I finally decided to take a shower (it had been awhile) and schlep my ass to the cell phone store.

Except the cell phone store wasn't where it used to be. So that was my first "everything has changed" freak-out of the day.

So when I finally found another store, I bought my SIM card, gave the sales guy my old 12 place St. Etienne address, and decided it was time for a little grand café crème action.


A few people have emailed and asked what a grand café crème is. Ah, young's basically two shots of espresso, which is either infused with steamed milk, or comes with a side of milk, or even better...real cream.

I could just drink it plain if I had to though...and I think France is the only place I could do that.

In any case, after some good caffeine action, I went to 12 place St. Etienne. No F-head, malheureusement. But the usual riffraff was there. As were drapes in my windows.

I'm going to keep checking back on F-head--don't give up hope yet.

At that point I met Christelle back at the apartment, we faired des courses (grocery shopped) then went to her friend Thomas' apartment for dinner.

In addition to the spectacular view from his apartment (which allowed us to see the mountains in the Black Forest and the Vosges on the other side), he made this awesome provençale dish with fresh vegetables and lardons over rice, and fresh fruit for dessert. A foreign man who can cook *and* has a room with a view...Mmmm.

After watching Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" (boy, that brought back memories) everyone got tired of me being the only one who was able to understand, and they decided it was time for the picture show.

Thomas grew up in La Réunion, and since Christelle is going to be teaching there this fall, he showed us all kind of crazy beautiful pictures. Made me real jealous, until I saw the picture of a gigantic creepy-ass spider that likes to hang out and eat bugs on people's ceilings ("Don't worry, it's not poisonous!!").

Thomas was even kind enough enlarge the picture for us so he could show us the gigantic sack where it stores its gigantic eggs, since it doesn't spin a gigantic web (dommage).

We finally had enough and went back to Christelle's. We had just said goodnight when the doorbell rang, and low and behold, another Thomas was on the doorstep with a sleeping bag.

At least Chris knew him and for reasons unknown to me (i.e., I was too lazy to pay attention) Thomas crashed on the floor with me.

That was all fine and dandy, except Thomas liked to talk. A lot. About really light subjects, like politics, and George Bush, and the image of America in the world (deja vu all over again). And everytime there was a convenient pause and I started to drift off...he would start again.

He was at least nice, and even offered to share his special "cigarette" with me, but I'm not that kind of girl, and I really just wanted to sleep.

Finally, at 4 in the morning there was silence.

But all in all a good day.

Today should be an action packed day...lunch with Eliane (English prof at school) dinner with Françoise (ditto) and some errands to run to boot.

Updates demain.


At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha this post made me laugh so much.
And who is F-Head!?

I <3 your journal, and I'm going to keep reading!
I got accepted for an interview in London on July 11th. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

At 3:36 AM, Blogger Court said...

Hooraay!! Congrats Leigh!!

I'm glad someone's reading!! F-head is this guy who liked to hang out in Place St Etienne where I lived, and he and all his riffraff made all kinds of noise at all hours of the day (and night).

He also had a pink couch that he and his friends would carry out in the evenings...that was how we first came to know F-head, wondering where the couch came from.

He and his riffraff also used to twirl chains of fire.

Super cool.


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