Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day Three Wrap-Up

Greetings earthlings,

Trying to hurry since I've spent the last hour responding to emails and trying to re-learn where everything is on the French keyboard. Oy vey.

Yesterday was very full, but very fun. I met up with Eliane, one of the English teachers at my school, and we had lunch at this Italian place called Francesca's. Very very yummy, and we ate on the terrace which is just so French and just so sympa.

We were joined by this other lady who also taught at my school last year who I didn't know all that well. She liked to use the F word. A lot.

After f-ing lunch, Eliane f-ing asked if I wanted to go buy fresh f-ing asperagus, as the f-ing season is almost f-ing over, and I thought "why the f*** not?"

So we went out to the country to this crazy little farmhouse that was full of asperges. After buying a bundle she decided to take me to this factory outlet type store to go shopping.

I. Racked. Up. I got linen pants, capris, a shirt, sandals, and a purse for 45 euros!!!!!!! Can I tell you how much that rules??

I had enough to time to run back to the apartment, change, then run out again to meet Françoise (another English teacher from my school) for dinner. I managed to get incredibly lost along the way and was thus 30 minutes late. D'oh!

She was forgiving though, and we had the best meal, also on their terrace. Asperges, quail stuffed with pruneaux, rice and vegetables, and fresh melon.


Today is my last full day in Strasbourg, so i'm going to do my last bit of running around and picture taking. I stopped by 12 place St Etienne again yesterday, but still no sign of F-head or the pink couch. Or the chains of fire. To my horror though, I saw that the Doner Kebab man whose shop was underneath our apartment had closed down. It made me sad...they were so nice.

And it also made me wonder if he closed down because Meg and I moved and were no longer buying his frites.

En tout cas, tomorrow I'm leaving for sea and sun and going to visit friends in Bretagne. Nantes, to be specific. That is, I'm leaving if my train is running...I just saw there's an SNCF grève...Ah, it just wouldn't be a complete experience in France without a grève.

Have a happy Thursday everyone!


At 8:59 AM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! Can't wait to see the pics.


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