Monday, June 13, 2005

Ananas Raplaplat

Hello one and all,

Greetings from Paris, which is still insanely busy but fun.

Serving lots and lots of coffee. At first I thought I might start hating coffee by the end of this trip, but that is just not possible.

Also getting to practice my French lots and lots, and in fun situations as well. Last night I was so proud of myself because I was rude right back to our jackass cab driver. I have a hard enough time standing up for myself in my own language, let alone French, so I was quite contente with moi meme.

Yesterday I got to see the brand new Airbus 380 take a spin around the airfield. It was so awesome. Actually, really scary, because when it landed it flew right over my head...but really cool quand meme.

I've been wanting to put a picture of it up here, but for some reason my pictures aren't take a look at the video instead.


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