Monday, May 09, 2005

Papers...and Muzack.

So I think I have finally completed one of my papers. And the other is on its way. Syntax exam has been started, questions have been formulated for the prof., and hopefully tomorrow evening (?) I will be done. Or just about there.

*And a roar went up from the crowd*

Tonight I took a break and went to the Cactus Cafe to hear my friend Molly play. Some of you might know that Austin is one of the music capitals of the world, and Molly, who is a dear friend of mine, is one of those aspiring artists.

She is awesome. For real. If you like folksy girl-and-her-guitar music, you need to all go check it out. She's got a CD out, but is recording another this summer.

So go ahead and click: Molly Venter.

Or go to iTunes.


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