Monday, May 09, 2005

In conclusion...

...there are several factors that indicate lexical borrowings do not threaten to destabilize and break down the French language. Nor does it appear that the French identity and culture face the threat of extinction. Technology, mass media, and the natural tendency to view foreign languages as different and exotic make it difficult, if not near impossible, for linguistic protectionist policies to be truly effective. Therefore, while today’s guardians of the French language may slow down its natural evolution, they can never hope to arrest it completely.


History has demonstrated that the French have always held their language in high regard, sometimes to the exclusion of others. History has also demonstrated that French language and identity are directly correlated. It is no surprise, therefore, that as the European Union continues to expand, and the role of the French language continues to decline in both Europe and the world, France has been thrust on the defensive. French support for multilingualism is a direct effort to protect and, perhaps, revive its importance.

Yes folks...the papers have been completed and emailed to my profs.


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