Sunday, May 29, 2005

Grand cafe T-minus 14 hours and counting...

Actually, it's really more like 21 hours, cause that's when my flight from Newark leaves to PARIS!

Actually, it's even more than that, but I'm too tired to figure out the hours until I can arrive in France, get off the plane, get my baggage, hop on the RER and find a grand cafe creme.

So we'll leave that one alone for awhile. But--

Whohoo! I'm goin' back to France!

It's kinda funny actually, I was just going back through my blog posts from yesteryear (yesteryear meaning during my time in France) and towards the end there (Read May 3, 2004), I was pretty sick of France and wanted to get the hell out of there.

And now I can't wait to get back.

On the itinerary:

Strasbourg--will F-head still be lurking around 12 place St. Etienne? Will his pink couch be with him? And what about the fire batons (October 16, 2003)? Will the hot gay waiter still be working at Le Petit Ours? Will I want to eat choucroute for "old times sake"?

Nantes--visiting my French "family". The only people I managed to cry for when I left. The beautiful ocean in La Baule. Le Cote Sauvage. Our old cottage in Champtoceaux. Gallettes and Crepes.

Paris--Montparnasse. Latin Quarter. Champs Elysees. The metro. Visiting old friends at the American Church. Chastity Beds (read December 14, 2003). Tourists tourists tourists. But new for me this time--airplanes! And lots of them.

I'll be blogging as much as I can, so stay tuned.

See you on the other side of the ocean!


At 5:54 AM, Blogger Carol said...

I feel like you did when you started blogging from grad school -- might be a big boring. What whatever. :) I am going to do a little bit, yes!

Have a fabulous time in France. I wish I was going! Take pictures of the F18s for me :)


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Um yeah. So I must've been delirious when I made that comment...


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