Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dharma Bums

Sea Lions on Pier 39
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Well, finally--the report from San Francisco. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats, eagerly awaiting. I have been such a slacking blogger these days. Graduate school does that to you I suppose.

In any case, here are all the gory details:

Thursday March 10

As the trip gets closer, Court begins frantically working on her midterm exams. Anger and bitterness ensue.

Friday, March 11

Anger and bitterness continue.

Saturday, March 12

Anger and bitterness replaced by sheer indifference. Court works all the live-long day and finally turns in her History of French midterm at the stroke of midnight (or close to it).

Sunday, March 13

Court takes a break from academia and heads out to town lake with friends to watch the Heart of Texas rowing regatta.

After lunch at El Chile, Court returns and decides to begin packing.

Robyn comes over to "work on the Romance Languages midterm," but we end up watching episodes of Friends instead.

Finally begin working on midterm. After 15 minutes, decide to work on it post-San Francisco.

Court packs.


Monday, March 14

Rise and shine at 5 a.m.

Head to airport.

Court finds out she can get bumped on a later flight. Finally! A chance for a freebie!

Airline no longer needs people to bump.


As a consolation prize, airline gives Court certificates for a few free cocktails on the plane. Pity Court doesn't drink.

Fly to Houston.

Board flight to San Fran.

End up sitting next to wasted guy.

Try to ignore wasted guy, as he attempts to make conversation during the in-flight movie ("Shut up mofo!").

Arrive in San Fran.

Use incredibly user-unfriendly public transit system.

Meet Robyn and head to hostel.

Hostel reminds Court of La Residence, her Parisian home in summer 2000.

Not sure if this is a good thing.

Court discovers she cannot get in the same dorm as friend Nate.


Finds dorm.

Positive this is not a good thing.

Take refuge in Robyn and Emily's double room.

Spend day in San Francisco.

Drink lots o' coffee.

Buy copy of Street News.

Meet Emily at train station.

Meet Nate at train station.

Return to hostel.

Court and Nate learn they can get in the same dorm.

Bunk beds!

Brush teeth.

Stare at girl who enters room in a too-short towel.


Tuesday, March 15

Have a delicious toast breakfast at the hostel.

Robyn, Nate and Emily head off for wine country. Court heads off for--SHOPPING!

New shoes.

New shirt.





Court arrives to hostel, only to receive call from Nate saying they were on their way back and should meet them at the place she just walked back from.

Court meets everyone.

Dinner in Chinatown at the Empress (?) with cool city view.

Explore Chinatown.


Wednesday, March 16

Enjoy another toast breakfast.

Head off to *babum* City Lights *babum* Bookstore.

Head off to Haight Street. Robyn and Emily go thrift shopping. Court and Nate go to KidRobot!

Gawk at cool action figures and toys.

Set off to meet Robyn and Emily at the Mission.

Court decides along the way she needs to eat lunch.

Spot a place called Le Café Méditerranée.

Decide on Falafel sandwich.

No words are spoken whilst devouring what could be the world's best falafel sandwich EVER. In the WHOLE WORLD.

Meet Robyn and Emily at the Mission.


Robyn and Emily decide they want a falafel sandwich too.

Return to Le Café Méditerranée.

Watch in envy as Robyn and Emily eat their falafel sandwiches.

Get dessert and coffee. Decide to carry on.

Decide to walk around some neighborhood that was supposed to be really cool.

It isn't.

Return to hostel.

Decide to go to movie.

See "Gunner Palace."


Return to hostel and dream of falafel sandwiches.

Thursday, March 17


Group decides to rent bikes and take a little path around the Golden Gate Bridge.

Court jokes how she hasn't been on a bike in, um, YEARS.

Group opts for the 20 mile bike tour.

Court jokes again, but inside is secretly getting really nervous.

Take cable car to bike shop.

Get bikes.

Court discovers that not only is the bike path 20 miles, but is also on the streets of San Francisco. Streets with cars.

Court hops on bike.

Court panics.

Court returns bike.

Court puts refund in pocket while friends ride away.

Court cries.

Court decides to make the best of it and checks out the Musée Mécanique, followed by the sea lions at Pier 39, followed by a hike up Coit Tower.

Court descends the hill, gets a coffee, and waits for friends to return.

Friends return and look very haggard.

Emily states that even though it was hard ("and dangerous" adds Robyn) she was "glad we did it."

Robyn agrees, and states that she felt the same gladness as she would have with chemotherapy.

Return to hostel.

Tapas at crazy place called Anju that projects movies on the window.

Dinner at crazy Asian fusion place that serves drinks with big aloe looking plants sticking out of them.

Nate and Court return to hostel, while Robyn and Emily go out to celebrate St. Patty's day with real Irish people.

Friday, March 18

Court and Nate forego the delicious toast breakfast and opt for eggs and hashbrowns at the corner diner instead.

Court and Nate head to Berkeley (sp?) while Robyn and Emily sleep in and eventually go shopping.

Find Linguistics building, find famous linguists' offices, return to San Francisco.

Head back to Haight street and KidRobot.

Court decides she simply must have a Knock Man figure.

Return to the hostel to dump bags.

Find Segafredo.

Write postcards and wait for Emily and Robyn.

Emily and Robyn show up and group decides to hang out since it's pouring rain.

Hang out for a loooong time.

Back to hostel.

Over to Little Italy for dinner.


Time to go to the airport.

Court and Nate say goodbye to Emily and Robyn and head back to hostel to pack.

Whilst packing, two tan Austrailian men enter dorm and take our bunk.

Time to go.

Head to airport.

Court runs off to catch her red-eye, while Nate prepares himself for an uncomfy night on the terminal floor--until his 6 a.m. flight leaves.

Court boards plane, only to discover that she is seated in-between some jerk who won't turn off the overhead light, and a sleepy mouth breather who won't turn his head.

Court arrives Houston at 6 a.m.

Court sleeps.

Court wakes up and realizes she has no seat assignment for the flight to Austin.

Gate agent tells her they are "working on it."

Uh oh.

Gate agent announces they need people to bump and are giving a voucher PLUS a free rental car to drive to Austin.

Court is tempted but just wants to go home.

Apparently Court has no say in the matter.

Court waits on the edge of her seat while people board the plane.

At the last second Court's name is called.

Court enjoys sitting in FIRST CLASS for the 30 minute ride to Austin.

The breakable glass was TOTALLY worth it.



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I think it's amazing how you take all of these trips! Can't wait for more pics!


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