Saturday, February 05, 2005

"Crabs are rare...but you can still catch them."

Now most of you with one-track minds (like me!) are reading this and thinking "WTF???"

But those of you who are familiar with rowing terminology know exactly what I'm talking about.

*Explanation for those one-trackers forthcoming...*

I am finally fulfilling a lifelong (well, several year-long) dream and am taking rowing lessons! I am incredibly lucky and live in a town that has one of the top 10 "lakes" for rowing, and also has a club that gives introductory lessons and then lets you join the group and use their equipment whenever you want.

Today was my first day and I hurt all over. And I haven't even gotten in the water yet (well, other than putting the boat in and sitting down). We spent the morning learning technique on the machines, but tomorrow we're gonna be movin'. Or should I say, "Row-lin." (heehee!)

In any case, my little class is going to be every weekend for the next three weeks, culminating in a "scratch" regatta. After that I can join their little club and do as much or as little rowing as I please. I am very very excited.

So, now for the explanation of today's blog title..."Catching a crab" is what you call getting your oar stuck in the water. In some cases (like in the safety video we watched) you can get knocked out of your boat.

But our instructor told us later that this was rare.

Like catching crabs.


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