Thursday, January 20, 2005

Power! Power to the tubas...

I am pleased to report that I was one of the thousands of Americans who protested the inauguration of Mr. Shrub Jr today.

God bless Austin and its multitudes of hippies.

Accompanied by my comrade Robyn, we met up at the capitol this afternoon and joined in with people wearing suits, jeans and t-shirts, funny pink garb, and scary black outfits with masks. Also present were a multitude of clever signs, a bunch of drums, and a giant papier mache head of Shrub, with the body of a snake. I believe there was also a giant replica of the masked Abu Ghraib prisoner. After an hour or so of drumming and getting generally riled up, nearly 1500 people (according to the news reports) marched right down Congress Avenue to the bridge.

I think the original intent was to keep the bridge open, but with the sheer number of people, the cops eventually shut the whole thing down and let us have it. Of course, this was not until after they decided to taser and arrest three people who were not getting out of the road quick enough. In all honesty I didn't see everything that happened, although it did go down right in front of me and that got scary for a moment.

The solidarity was pretty cool, and it was awesome to have so many people driving by and honking in support. But even with all of that, Robyn and I are now having some doubts as to the quality of our own personal protesting. Which leads me to...

Top 10 reasons why Robyn and Court are not good protestors:

10. We, wearing super bright colors, ended up marching among the scary people dressed in black with bandanas covering their faces. Our red and white polka dots and neon green really stood out.

9. We began reminiscing about marching band when the drums starting beating, and high-stepped in place, pretending to hold our horns. (I almost attempted to trot, but aborted at the last second.)

8. We couldn't help but check out guys as we marched.

7. We both thought it would be really funny to run into Starbucks for a latte or frappucino and continue the march, cup in hand.

6. We kept laughing and pointing at the guy playing his recorder.

5. We made up secret cheers under our breath to "Power to the People".

4. We sat on the sidewalk for a little rest in the midst of all the jumping and cheering.

3. We seriously contemplated taking one of the pieces of chalk that was circulating and drawing body outlines in funny positions, a la "Naked Gun." Also considered writing "French teachers against Bush" with same piece of chalk, but decided against it.

2. We were excited to see an example of syntactic structural ambiguity on one of the leaflets, and talked about taking it to our Syntax professor for our next class discussion.

And, finally,

1. We left the protest a little early so we could eat dinner.

All joking aside, it was good to have a little taste of democracy in action today. I am super bummed I forgot to bring my damn camera, the pictures would have been great. Perhaps I'll filch some from the paper tomorrow...we shall see.

In any case-- "Power to the Blogs!"


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