Monday, January 24, 2005

The Governer is a Dirty Street Fighter --OR-- Graduate School, Take II

Hello folks,

Well, I'm now officially a week into the Spring semester, and things are plucking along nicely...more nicely than I would have originally thought, since I really wasn't looking forward to any of my classes. But my nerdiness has once again prevailed, I am being intellectually stimulated, and I am settling into the groove of things quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

So here's what's on tap this semester:

Introduction to Romance Linguistics

(once again reunited with my favorite subject in the whole wide world, except this time from the Linguistics least it's conducted in English...)

History of the French Language

As usual, my classes are all overlapping which is muy least the Romance Linguistics and History of French are...I am now neck deep into Latin and erosion and substrata and all these fun things you've always wanted to know about the Romance languages but were too afraid to ask.

Different this semester is the fact that none of my classes are located in my departmental building. I am now hiking my a$$ up and down hills from one corner of campus to the next, all within a 10 minute time period...I do not envy the undergrads, whom I think probably have it much worse than I.

And, as the biggest shocker of all, I'm beginning to feel--dare I say it--somewhat *smart* in my Syntax course...mostly because a lot of it is review or a different take on what I did last semester. And most of the people in the class have never had any kind of Syntax before, which also pumps up the ol' ego...

We'll wait and see how long that lasts...

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some fun sentences that we've been analyzing...

"The governer is a dirty street fighter."

"Drunks would get--and junkies would fall--off the bus."

"Who was the ferret ringing up?"

And, finally (an oldie but goodie from last semester)--

"Is it a dog or a bitch?"


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