Friday, January 14, 2005

The Cure goes country...

Hello friends,

Greetings from Austin, it is so nice to be back in my element. Yesterday I received the joyous news that classes do not actually start until next Tuesday. And since I do not have any classes on Tuesday and Thursday this semester, I don't have to go to school until WEDNESDAY, giving me more time to do nothing. Hooray!

Last night I finally made it out with my roomate to an "Austin" hot spot, the Broken Spoke. She's been inviting me to go with her on Thursday nights for months, and thanks to a time-wasting and pointless (don't need to get into this again) portfolio that always had exercizes due on Friday, I could never make it. Well yesterday there were no excuses and I went.

The place sort of reminded me of Mulate's in Breaux Bridge, for those of you who have gone there. Except instead of Cajun music it was Country. Now I have to say I am not at all a Country music fan. Growing up in Monroe might have had a little something to do with that. But the band played nice country, sort of country swing. And the dancing. Oh la la! These people were awesome.

I am pleased to report that I was asked to dance, and more pleased to report that he was a fantabulous dancer...We spun around the floor to a strangely familiar tune...and it was only at the end that I realized it was the Cure's "Just Like Heaven", country-style. I don't know how old Robert would have felt about that...but I actually kind of liked it.

Today I am hoping to:
1. Get out of my pjs and take a shower.
2. Run some errands on campus.
3. Get my room organized (hahahahaha!)

I'm supposed to go out again tonight, this time with friends from school. My social barometer is getting out of whack...I'm not used to this.

But going to enjoy it while it lasts.


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