Monday, January 31, 2005

And the semester's only just begun!

And the semester's only just begun!
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It's official...

I can no longer speak my own language...

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Governer is a Dirty Street Fighter --OR-- Graduate School, Take II

Hello folks,

Well, I'm now officially a week into the Spring semester, and things are plucking along nicely...more nicely than I would have originally thought, since I really wasn't looking forward to any of my classes. But my nerdiness has once again prevailed, I am being intellectually stimulated, and I am settling into the groove of things quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

So here's what's on tap this semester:

Introduction to Romance Linguistics

(once again reunited with my favorite subject in the whole wide world, except this time from the Linguistics least it's conducted in English...)

History of the French Language

As usual, my classes are all overlapping which is muy least the Romance Linguistics and History of French are...I am now neck deep into Latin and erosion and substrata and all these fun things you've always wanted to know about the Romance languages but were too afraid to ask.

Different this semester is the fact that none of my classes are located in my departmental building. I am now hiking my a$$ up and down hills from one corner of campus to the next, all within a 10 minute time period...I do not envy the undergrads, whom I think probably have it much worse than I.

And, as the biggest shocker of all, I'm beginning to feel--dare I say it--somewhat *smart* in my Syntax course...mostly because a lot of it is review or a different take on what I did last semester. And most of the people in the class have never had any kind of Syntax before, which also pumps up the ol' ego...

We'll wait and see how long that lasts...

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some fun sentences that we've been analyzing...

"The governer is a dirty street fighter."

"Drunks would get--and junkies would fall--off the bus."

"Who was the ferret ringing up?"

And, finally (an oldie but goodie from last semester)--

"Is it a dog or a bitch?"

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Power! Power to the tubas...

I am pleased to report that I was one of the thousands of Americans who protested the inauguration of Mr. Shrub Jr today.

God bless Austin and its multitudes of hippies.

Accompanied by my comrade Robyn, we met up at the capitol this afternoon and joined in with people wearing suits, jeans and t-shirts, funny pink garb, and scary black outfits with masks. Also present were a multitude of clever signs, a bunch of drums, and a giant papier mache head of Shrub, with the body of a snake. I believe there was also a giant replica of the masked Abu Ghraib prisoner. After an hour or so of drumming and getting generally riled up, nearly 1500 people (according to the news reports) marched right down Congress Avenue to the bridge.

I think the original intent was to keep the bridge open, but with the sheer number of people, the cops eventually shut the whole thing down and let us have it. Of course, this was not until after they decided to taser and arrest three people who were not getting out of the road quick enough. In all honesty I didn't see everything that happened, although it did go down right in front of me and that got scary for a moment.

The solidarity was pretty cool, and it was awesome to have so many people driving by and honking in support. But even with all of that, Robyn and I are now having some doubts as to the quality of our own personal protesting. Which leads me to...

Top 10 reasons why Robyn and Court are not good protestors:

10. We, wearing super bright colors, ended up marching among the scary people dressed in black with bandanas covering their faces. Our red and white polka dots and neon green really stood out.

9. We began reminiscing about marching band when the drums starting beating, and high-stepped in place, pretending to hold our horns. (I almost attempted to trot, but aborted at the last second.)

8. We couldn't help but check out guys as we marched.

7. We both thought it would be really funny to run into Starbucks for a latte or frappucino and continue the march, cup in hand.

6. We kept laughing and pointing at the guy playing his recorder.

5. We made up secret cheers under our breath to "Power to the People".

4. We sat on the sidewalk for a little rest in the midst of all the jumping and cheering.

3. We seriously contemplated taking one of the pieces of chalk that was circulating and drawing body outlines in funny positions, a la "Naked Gun." Also considered writing "French teachers against Bush" with same piece of chalk, but decided against it.

2. We were excited to see an example of syntactic structural ambiguity on one of the leaflets, and talked about taking it to our Syntax professor for our next class discussion.

And, finally,

1. We left the protest a little early so we could eat dinner.

All joking aside, it was good to have a little taste of democracy in action today. I am super bummed I forgot to bring my damn camera, the pictures would have been great. Perhaps I'll filch some from the paper tomorrow...we shall see.

In any case-- "Power to the Blogs!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

OMG, you must all go see this movie. Wow.

Monday, January 17, 2005

"He eats his own poop you know..."

So over the holidays, my roomate bought her parents a rat terrier puppy for Christmas. I was already in Louisiana when Leroy stayed at our house for a week, but this morning her parents dropped him off for the day while they ran errands in town. Also staying over for the day was my roomate's niece, Miranda.

This morning as I picked up Leroy the puppy and let him lick my face, Miranda saw fit to inform me that that Leroy was a connaisseur of poop, with a particularl partiality to bovine and canine feces.


Friday, January 14, 2005

The Cure goes country...

Hello friends,

Greetings from Austin, it is so nice to be back in my element. Yesterday I received the joyous news that classes do not actually start until next Tuesday. And since I do not have any classes on Tuesday and Thursday this semester, I don't have to go to school until WEDNESDAY, giving me more time to do nothing. Hooray!

Last night I finally made it out with my roomate to an "Austin" hot spot, the Broken Spoke. She's been inviting me to go with her on Thursday nights for months, and thanks to a time-wasting and pointless (don't need to get into this again) portfolio that always had exercizes due on Friday, I could never make it. Well yesterday there were no excuses and I went.

The place sort of reminded me of Mulate's in Breaux Bridge, for those of you who have gone there. Except instead of Cajun music it was Country. Now I have to say I am not at all a Country music fan. Growing up in Monroe might have had a little something to do with that. But the band played nice country, sort of country swing. And the dancing. Oh la la! These people were awesome.

I am pleased to report that I was asked to dance, and more pleased to report that he was a fantabulous dancer...We spun around the floor to a strangely familiar tune...and it was only at the end that I realized it was the Cure's "Just Like Heaven", country-style. I don't know how old Robert would have felt about that...but I actually kind of liked it.

Today I am hoping to:
1. Get out of my pjs and take a shower.
2. Run some errands on campus.
3. Get my room organized (hahahahaha!)

I'm supposed to go out again tonight, this time with friends from school. My social barometer is getting out of whack...I'm not used to this.

But going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

More Photo Phun

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The whole family, from our reunion in South La. Left to Right--Yves, Bridget, Aunt Cheryl, Moi (holding my cousin Vivian) Cousin Laurie, her hubby Eric, Great-Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Greg, the "real" Marilyn...

Home again, home again, jiggity jog...

Back in Austin. Whahoo! Not a "W" sticker in sight!