Thursday, December 09, 2004

Time flies when you're...

...not having fun, but rather panicking because you have so much freaking crap to finish up and you've been working all GD day and you STILL have more to do.

The bitter irony of my life is that tomorrow it will all be over. And on the other hand--Tomorrow IT WILL ALL BE OVER AND I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!!!!!!!

And a P.S. to the a$$hole in the big truck who keeps taking my parking spot--first of all, that is MY spot, I don't care if this is a public street or not. It's in front of my house and I am there all the time, except when I'm not. Secondly, there is room there for two--and I might be willing to share it, but you seem to think it all belongs to you and insist on parking your whole big ass gd car there. Well you just keep that up, and you might wanna start inspecting your tailpipe for banannas.

Court don't play this week.


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