Tuesday, December 14, 2004

...Happy is she who has finished her exams...

Well, here's my post-hell-week update. Finished up the SLA project Thursday around 11 p.m., then began studying for Syntax. I made midnight my cutoff point for bedtime.

Woke up Friday ready to kick some grammatical ass.

Everything was going well until page 4, when I was blindsided by a page of subordinate clauses. Damn you grammar! So after spending an hour writing down ridiculous crap for answers (hey, it worked before) I turned in my test, then did the dance of glee all the way out the door.

Friday night we went to some cute little neighborhood that does those crazy suburban light displays. Very impressive. I'll post some photos perhaps.

Saturday I relished in the fact that I could take a nap, go to an art fair, hit the Container Store and Crate & Barrel, have a coffee, go to a party, sing Karaoke, and not have to worry about the fact that I had a ton of homework to do. Yeehaw!

Sunday I woke up feeling restless, and on the spur of the moment, decided to drive home to Monroe and surprise my mom. So here I am, already with a list of chores.

Home Sweet Home.

We decorated the tree tonight which always starts out fun, but then gets old really quickly and makes me tired. It's weird how things change from when you're a kid.

Anyway, still have to do my shopping. Our big family Christmas in the swamp is this weekend, and I've gotten nothing for the person whose name I drew. Never mind the fact that what she put on the list was totally random.

Pecandland Mall, here I come.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Have fun this weekend! And post some pics if you can. :)


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