Monday, November 08, 2004


Did anyone see Oprah today?

They did a story on this woman who lost 300lbs doing that gastric bypass surgery. What's crazy is I remember this woman's story from years and years ago when she was just telling her story, and it was just heartbreaking. Well she looks AWESOME. Wow.

The weekend was muy bien. It is so beautiful here now. Nice and cool and SUNNY. YES, this is why I moved to the South. Friday I went to see the movie Sideways. Awesome, I highly recommend it.

Sunday I did "Race for the Cure" with Patty. We started out at the park and went around downtown by the capitol and back. It was fun, a lot of inspirational people all around and nice camraderie.

Trying to get my a$$ in gear and get all my work done this week. I'm heading to the Bend again on Wednesday. The highlight will be going to the Pitt game on Saturday. Yeehaw! I'm ready for a break.

Not to mention ND football!


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