Sunday, October 03, 2004

Princess Court

Hello one and all,

The weekend went by way too fast as usual. Here's a brief recap:

Friday night I was actually social and stepped out of my box, and invited some of my new friends to dinner and movie. We went back to Vivos, where my roomie took me my first weekend here. What can I say, I like their salsa. And the fact that they put ice and rose petals in the bathroom sink. And that they give you a long-stemmed rose when you leave. Touche.

It was too bad that afterwards we went and saw the worst movie in the world, The Forgotten with Juli Moore. Can I just say how dissappointed I was? And secondly What in the F*** was this movie about???? What were the people who released this movie thinking? Did they see the same movie I did? You know you're in trouble when an emotionally charged serious event is taking place and the audience erupts in laughter.

Oh well. If nothing else, it provided fodder for a week's worth of laughter.

On Saturday, I, along with my cousins, Alex and Eliana, watched 30 years of glorious history come to a deppressing end, when Purdue defeated Notre Dame. It was painful. It did not help that my good buddy Jeff (a Purdue grad) was in the stadium, shooting me evil text messages all throughout the game. And calling me at halftime to gloat. I fought back, although I got in trouble when 8-year old Eliana looked over my shoulder and saw me writing "Go to hell and somersault 25 times." D'oh!

The only bright spot during the game was getting to wear Eliana's tiara that she had just won that morning at the Disney store. I have to say I enjoyed wearing it around the house and was very reluctant to give it back. I might have to head out to the mall and get one for myself. I wish I had gotten a picture of myself in it.

Saturday night I forced Alex to watch Rudy, in order to edumacate him on Notre Dame football. The poor child knew nothing! But we've ameliorated that. He was a captive audience--although I don't know if it was because he was really enjoying the movie or because he was grounded and this was the only thing he was allowed to watch!

Today I attempted to get some studying done, but really just did the bare minimum. I don't know for some reason I just couldn't concentrate on the readings, which isn't good since they were in English and thus are a nice break for me. Oh well.

There's always tomorrow.

*****This just in! My roomate just informed me that she has "a couple" old tiaras from previous Halloweens! Whohoo! Problem solved!*********


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