Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Phew and other random mumblings...

Last night I tried to register for classes next semester (can't believe that's happening already) and one of the ones I wanted was closed.

Big deal, you might say. Just pick another.

Well that's the problem. Cause ya see, there was no other class that worked with my schedule other than the evil evil brain destroying advanced Syntax class, whose counterpart I am already being forced to take this semester, and whose other counterpart I'm being forced to take next semester in another department.

You might not have understood any of that, but trust me. I'll be able to tell you anything you want to know about grammar when it's all said and done.

Fortunately, I sent a whining email to my advisor and he's letting me in the class I wanted. Thank ya Jesus.

So, in other news, normally I can't stand Regis and Kelly, but usually they're the only thing on when I'm up in the morning, so I have gotten sucked in. Well yesterday they were broadcasting from Notre Dame! They showed the whole campus and scenes from the pep rally and game, and you could even see the local news people. It made me cry. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful fall colors and I'm sure it's nice and cool and not 85 DEGREES LIKE IT IS HERE IN TEXAS!!!!!!

This weather thing is annoying me. Then again the weather thing in South Bend annoyed me too. As someone said to me last night, "Well Court, what's the common denominator in that little problem??"

Riiiiiiight. I get it.

Anyway, I know that come January I'll be quite content to be in warm sunny Texas and not in cold snowy South Bend, mais quand meme it made me a little homesick. Well, lucky for me, I'm going back to the Bend in November!! For the Pitt game! Whohoo! I am so excited to see ND football again, I cannot tell you how much I've been wistfully watching NBC each Saturday and burning with jealousy at all the fans who get to go.

Of course, I will probably freeze my ass off and be ready to leave at halftime like most last games of the year.

But still...


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