Thursday, October 14, 2004


Well, I'm off today to the land of corn and other...stuff. Yeehaw! Looking forward to visiting the Bend for the weekend, even if there's no game for me to attend. Cause people are more important.

I was quite pumped last night to discover that Napolean Dynamite (click on the link, you won't be sorry) is playing there, and only 2 months after it left theaters! It's good to see that South Bend is still current on the latest pop culture.

Oy. In any case, I intend to force all of my friends up there to see it. And I encourage all my readers too. It's hysterical. You won't be sorry.

I'll still be hooked up wirelessly while I'm gone, so look for blog updates!



At 12:20 PM, Blogger yayaempress said...

You do know that you are now obligated to post at least one picture from your trip, right?


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