Sunday, October 24, 2004

"Get out my house"...

Well, last night there was a big shindig at Court's place. Hosted by my roomate for her friends' 30th birthday.

This little sound clip (courtesy of YaYaEmpress) describes my sentiments exactly at 3 a.m. Yes, 3 in the morning. Except there was no one here named Calvin.

The party was actually fine, although believe me I was concerned.
1. Because anyone who knows me is aware that I am not exactly a big social "party" kind of girl.
2. Because anyone who knows me is also aware that I am inherently afraid of people I don't know.

But fortunately a majority of people (including the birthday guests) were super friendly, and my roomate did a nice job of decorating.

She strung big Christmas lights across the backyard and stuck tiki torches all around, so we had a nice little fiesta atmosphere. The birthday boys and girl also brought pinatas, which I haven't done in years. Although I have to say that watching Strawberry Shortcake get beaten to smithereens and witnessing Bert (from Sesame Street) get his legs torn off disturbed me somewhat. Watching the Power Ranger get destroyed wasn't too big of a deal though.

The only issue was that as the night wore on, the guests of honor left, and there only a group of strange alterna-kids in their late teens/early twenties left, drinking the rest of the keg and throwing their cigarrette buts on the ground. We actually weren't sure who they were friends with and how they turned up at the party, but they didn't want to seem to go. Even after my roomate and I started picking up trash and putting away chairs and dropping every sort of polite hint indicating, "Get out my house."

Finally we told them we were going to bed and to please unplug the Christmas lights before they left. Maybe I should have put the above sound clip on loudspeaker. Although even then...

This morning I got to rake up all the pinata candy that no one took and was by then pressed into the ground and covered in flies.

Oh, and I also got to sweep and mop the muddy floors.

I'm a regular Cinderella.

But all in all it was fun. And now I can wait another several years before my next big party.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Sounds like a great time, Court! And it sounds like you had some local party crashers there to boot! Ah, now you're famous in their eyes and they'll tell all their little friends about your party. You'll be an entry in somone's journal...

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Court said...

Whoooo, I never thought of it that way....I can always count on you for a positive spin!! =)

Just as long as they don't come back next weekend...


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