Monday, October 18, 2004

Cold, rainy, and miserable? I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, I'm back from my little jaunt up North. I had such good intentions of taking some pictures but you know how that kind of thing usually works out. In my case, I needed batteries for my camera, and kept forgetting to get them, and then kept putting it off, and then I got back on the plane Sunday night without taking one single snapshot. Sorry Donna.

Otherwise, the trip was superb. Other than the overcast skies. And rain. And wind. And feels-like-33-degrees-with-the-windchill-weather. But quite honestly, it wouldn't have been South Bend without it. In fact, I already feel kind of ripped off because there was no 6 feet of lake-effect snow. Maybe next time.

I arrived late on Thurs and stayed with Nanci and Pat, back in my little bedroom from this summer. It was good to be reunited with my old futon, and I was pleased to see that the dip in the middle still conformed to my body. Even the cats welcomed me--Sprockets climbed up into my lap, and Java nuzzled my hand then bit it. Just like old times.

My first project on Friday was to buy a coat, cause damn it was cold. And raining. Did I mention it was cold and rainy?

I then met the PG folk for lunch at--you guessed it--Martins. I don't know which reunion was better--that with my friends, or that with my salad bar. It's a hard call.

After lunch I went to UP Mall for some mo' shopping, then headed to my friend's house for an afternoon chat. There was enough time afterwards to run home and change, then rush out again to meet Drevs at Hacienda and continue to the theatre for a viewing of Napoleon Dynamite. Not sure if Drevs liked it as much as I did, but OMG it was even better the second time around. You must all go and see this film.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to clouds, rain, and even colder weather. Whohoo! I went out to my regular friends of Bill reunion and afterwards headed out to--you guessed it--Martins-- for lunch. Ahhh, Martins. How I've missed you.

Spent the afternoon hanging out with Nanci in the warm kitchen, whilst the rain came down and the wind blew hard. Then hooked up with my buddy Jeff to watch the Purdue game. Not that I'm a Purdue fan. But it was an excuse to go to Between the Buns. Hooray!

Afterwards we went to see Ladder 49. Can I tell you all how much I hated this movie? Don't get me wrong, fire fighters are great, the acting was good, the film was well done, but it was way over-the-top-American-apple-pie-sticky-sweetness, with a dash of tradgedy added in for good measure. Puke.

To erase the bad memories, we decided to watch Office Space, followed by SNL's Best of Jimmy Fallon, followed by SheSpies, which is the most stupid yet terribly addicting show ever.

Sunday I met Bridg and Carol for petit dejuner and got to hear all about Carol's exciting new life event. She know what I'm talking about. Whohoo! Carol, just remember, I look best in black. And nothing strapless.

Sunday afternoon I kicked back with Nanci until it was time to go to the airport. Just as we were pulling out of the driveway, the sun pierced through the sky, as if to say, "Ok Court, you're leaving, now we can have nice weather."

A great South Bend goodbye.

The flight back had relatively few problems, and I was met by the lovely Leigh and her copain at the airport.

I feel I should also mention that not only was Leigh wearing a sleeveless shirt, but when I got home I had to turn down my air conditioner to 75. And today we had a high of 90.

It was so nice to see everyone this weekend. Made me a little homesick I must say. Not necessarily for South Bend. But for the people. I guess I'm at one of those crossroads in life where I don't feel I necessarily fit in anywhere. I love Austin, but know it's going to take time to establish strong relationships, and frankly it just makes me tired. So I don't know. I'm a little down I guess.

But there was little time for distraction, because today it was back to the grind. Blah. I have a big huge test in SLA on Thursday. And I have done very little to study so far. Bad Court! Bad!

Au travail!


At 9:32 AM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Glad you had such a great time & bad Court! for not taking any pictures! I'm such a junkie...

Well, you can at least take a picture of yourself in your new coat cause I doubt you'll actually need it in Austin!


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