Sunday, September 19, 2004



Tonight I had a most excellent meal, courtesy of Mary M. and a PG client.

Thank you thank you Mary M. and PG client!

She's in town representing PG for a conference, and, since her time was very limited, she invited me to come to dinner with them.

We went to Flemings, this ultra nice steak house downtown, where we feasted on:

Breaded Brie
Crab Cakes
Filet Mignon
Baked Potato

Yes, I can see you all turning green with envy even as I write this.

Afterwards, Mary and I went out to Hyde Park Bar & Grill on the recommendation of my housemate for drinks. Trop fun.

Malheureusement, Mary is only in town through tomorrow, and she'll be tied up in the convention all day.

But I was at least able to give her a quick tour of campus, take her to a typique Austin hangout, and show off my little house, so I think we did well.


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