Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ok, you can mess with me again...

So I'm out of my little funk. That's the thing about me, I get pissed off, then I bitch bitch bitch, and then I'm over it.

Last night the French and Italian dept had a big party for all the faculty and staff. One of the Italian profs (and head of the dept) hosted and it was awesome. She has a beautiful house with an outdoor patio/balcony on a drop off overlooking her big yard. We ate brie, pate, hummus, ham, salad, and "real" italian pasta with homeade sauce.

The entertainment (and in my opinion, highlight) of the party was her humongus dog Basil, a chocolate lab who is the biggest fattest softest cutest animal I've ever seen. It was all I could do to not sneak away with him. I wanna dog. A big dog. A lab.

After the party, a group of us headed out to a place called Oslo's (a yuppie bar with swinging plastic bubble chairs) and danced our little booties off. When they swtiched the music from hip hop to techno, we decided we were too tired to dance anymore and took off.

The highlight of the Oslo experience was watching a group of not so bright underagers trying to get in with what we presumed were fake ids, but we could never figure it out. They decided to stand directly in front of the bouncers and whisper to each other, "Now don't look nervous...don't look nervous..."

The bouncers then proceeded to turn them away. Hee hee.

Good times. I'm tired today, but I'm kind of excited, cause I feel like I'm finally starting to make some friends down here. Not that I'm a huge socialite, but it's nice to look out into a weekend and not think, "Well, I have no one to do anything with." I can't get over how nice everyone in my dept is and how they all seem to get's weird.

Anyway, in other news, I'm bummed because the stupid ND game is on ESPN tonight and we don't have cable. I would go somewhere to see it but I'd really rather go with someone and I'm supposed to go to another get together anyway (look at me and my social life!). I finally got in contact with the SMC alumnae club down here though, so hopefully I'll have some game-watching partners tres bientot.

Well I'm off to take a nap and two advil for my incredibly sore neck. Not really sure where that came from.

Tomorrow Mary M comes into town and I get to schmooze for the day. Hooray for a little taste of home!


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