Saturday, September 11, 2004

Oh me of little faith...

My Irish.

My dear, sweet sweet Irish.

For those of you that did not tune into the game this afternoon--you missed something incroyable.

Things were not looking good for my boys in the beginning...although the defense was doing a terr-if-ic job of keeping Michigan from scoring.

But thanks to some turnovers and perhaps some motivation, ND came back and scored actual TOUCHDOWNS. More importantly, the touchdowns were scored by the OFFENSE.

What an amazing game. I went nuts. Fortunately my roomate was gone most of the day and didn't have to hear me scream and yell. She was there to hear the ND marching band via Drevs' cell phone, which was kind of fun. I was pleased to share the moment with both her and Oz, who, like me, was doomed to watch the game from the couch.

After a delicious win, I had a delicious dinner, courtesy of my cousin Denise. She made shrimp and goatcheese quesadillas with homeade guacamole/cilantro sauce. Yum-a-friggin-licioius. And fortunately the game ended in time for me to go to Fiesta and pick up the cilantro. And Fiesta is another whole blog. This is the local hispanic grocery store. Replete with exotic fruits and veggies and everything labeled in Spanish. Oy!

What a beautiful day. I decided I need to get a game watching buddy though. I can't take sitting by myself without anyone to get excited with. I tried to talk my cousin Alex into watching the next game with me, but he's 14 and I don't think I'm cool enough for him. And especially not after I told his mom that he didn't eat his vegetables.


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