Friday, September 17, 2004

Don't mess with me today.


La Court is not very heureuse today. It all began when I had to wait for 45 minutes in the sun (because God forbid there be a shelter at my bus stop) waiting for the bus that did not want to come. Finally, just as I was about to run back to my house, take my car and pay $6 to park on campus, the bus rambled up to the stop.

I was all ready to give the driver my best scowl, and then she greeted me with a big cheery "Good Morning!!"

Don't 'good morning' me when I want to be pissed off, dammitt.

I made a game time decision that it would be quicker to get off the stop earlier and haul ass to my class rather than go to my usual stop. So I did. And did I mention that it is still freakin' hotter than hell and humid?

So enfin I arrived in classe 10 minutes late and realized I had forgotten my book. This was my methodology class, and today's topic was what to do when our students are late and/or unprepared.


After class I met with some classmates to go over this stupid ass assignment that no one has any clue how to complete, let alone me who is just a lowly first year grad student. So after spending an hour thinking, "WTF??" and leaving not having accomplished or understood anything, I went to my TA class, then walked yet again in the boiling sun to my bus stop (also without a shelter).

This time it arrived, but as I entered, the bus driver said something to me I couldn't understand. It was only when I looked up close that I realized she wasn't talking to me but IN HER CELL PHONE. I couldn't freakin' believe it.

We pull out onto the road, while she's gabbing away to her girlfriend about this that and the other thing. By the time we got to my stop (which she had to slam on the brakes to do, because SHE WAS TALKING ON THE PHONE) my blood was boiling.

So I pulled out my own cell phone and reported her ass.

This might have been a kind of bitchy thing to do but quite honestly I don't give a sh*t. The bus system here totally pisses me off. On the one hand I appreciate a town that has bus service, and esp the fact that I can take it for free, but can we at least try to be on time?

And to top it all off, I'm just pissed off, so anyone who breathes wrong on me today is going to get it.

I've been amusing myself for the last half hour by looking up the sex offenders who are currently working or attending class at UT. The university was kind enough to send us an email about them.

So check it out.

And stop pissing me off.


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