Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sons of B*tches

So 3 classes down, one more to go, and I will know how exciting this year will be.

So far so good, although I have to admit that yesterday I spent most of my syntax class thinking, "Huh?"

Fortunately, at the end I think I got it...and I'm hoping I'll "get it" the rest of the semester, or we'll be in trouble.

I just got out of morphology which was less of a "huh" than syntax, especially after class, when I asked one of my classmates what the hell such and such meant.

In spite of my state of "huh", I think I like my classes. I like learning about words and relationships and evolution, and all that fun stuff.

Today I'll leave you all with a point to ponder, as well as a story, both coming from today's morphology class:

Court's Point to Ponder
If we have a son of a b*tch here, and a son of a b*tch there, how many do we have? And what is the plural form?

Court's Story of the Day
What exactly is a cranberry? Do we really know?

Well, back in the day, these little red berries were on the preferred food list of cranes. Back in the day, we used to pronounce "crane" as "cran." And thus, we have cranberry, food of cran(e)s.

(cran-apple, cran-grape, craisins....)


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