Sunday, August 08, 2004

Packing Hell (mais il fait beau le soleil)

Well go me, cause I got a lot of work done yesterday.

Granted, I am now freaking out over all the work I still have to do, but at least I have decided to quit living in denial and face it.

I spent all day yesterday moving boxes out of my friend's house. I hate going up and down stairs anyway, and yesterday I had to do it with big gigantic boxes in my arms.

I really think at some point in my life I should ask someone for help, but don't know when that day will come. I hate asking for help. Hate it hate it. I will do it myself, even if I break my back in the process. Stubborn and hard headed, that's me.

Anyway, after moving the boxes into my car, and then moving them into Nanci's living room, I tried to hurry and move them down the stairs again into Nanci's basement so they wouldn't freak out.

All I can think of is "Oh Dear Lord I have a lot of crap."

But I did accomplish quite a lot, and as a reward to myself, last night I went to the Firefly Festival to see Beausoleil. This Louisiana group is pretty popular around the Cajun music circuit, if you're into that sort of thing (and why wouldn't you be?). I owe a huge shout-out to Trish and Eric, because not only did they get me free tickets, they got me FOUR free tickets, and I was able to spread the love around. Kathie, Jeff and Barbara were the lucky three and we had a ball. How could you not?

I was especially impressed that people went down toward the stage to dance. This is South Bend after all...but then there's something about Cajun music that just does something to you.

The evening ended at Zehner cinema with Terminator 3. Some of you may know what a huge Terminator fan I am...if not, ask my mother about it. Because when I was around 12 or 13, I went through a stage where I rented the movies every weekend. Literally. It was mostly because I had a crush on Edward Furlong, but they are pretty good stories. Because of my sentimentality, I went to see the third one by myself last year, because no one else wanted to go.

Anyway, it was rather fun to see it again. And since Nance and Pat have the whole Terminator set, I am seriously considering a marathon before I go.

I wonder what Edward Furlong looks like today?


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