Saturday, August 14, 2004

Oh, yes, and did I mention I rule?

I have just successfully stuffed my trunk pleine des choses and there is still a little bit of wiggle room. I think I'm gonna be able to bring down a nice large chunk o' stuff, and that makes me oh so happy. Whohoo!

My last few days in the Bend are turning out to be very busy, but very nice aussi. I am much less stressed than I was around this time last year.

Yesterday Jackson treated me to a Starbucks in honor of my last day. It tasted almost as good as my own homeade espresso. Almost.

Last night I went to Kathie and Bill's for red beans. I am pleased to report that they came out quite good. The one thing missing was the Tabasco, which I completely forgot to buy. Fortunately, Bill found some other hot sauce, a gift from Joey, and entitled, "Da Bomb." Unfortunately, "Da Bomb" made the red beans inedible.

Note to self, do not consume hot sauce entitled, "Da Bomb."

After each dumping out our first serving and sucking on bread to put out the fire in our mouths, we took another helping and this time all was well. Dinner was topped off with Kathie's "Shoofly Pie" and Bill's infamous Kona Honey Macademia Nut coffee. Worth all the hype.

I love hanging out with K&B, because we can spend hours talking about everything and nothing. We ended up watching Roger & Me and talking until 3am. Ouch. Finally we called it a night, said our goodbyes, and then I managed to get lost in Bill's neighborhood on my way out. Just as I was about to panic I pulled out into Ironwood and all was well.

The big downer was that I had to get up at 8am today to go to Chicago with Nanci. We had an awesome time at the workshop though, and I got to say goodbye to even more folk.

Tonight I have been packing like a madwoman, and think I'm gonna head to bed tres bientot. I'm wiped. And have to get up early again in order to keep the panicking to a minimum.

On tap for tomorrow:

Wake up refreshed.
Start making 2nd batch of red beans.
Meet P-Dog for lunch and goodbyes.
Meet Trish and possibly others for coffee.
Catch up with Brigid.
Dinner with Nance, Pat and Kack.
Last minute packing and panicking.

So that's that. Moving is so stressful. I hate the feeling of "forgetting" something. That's the worst part.

The nice thing this time around, however, is that I am not heading to a new continent. Just a short plane ride away. Or a two day car trip.


At 4:17 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Moving sucks, but you rule! So the stress and panicking will be at a minimum, right? Hope it goes ridiculously smoothly.


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