Sunday, August 01, 2004

A nice set of HOOTERS

My freshman year at SMC, I traveled with the Notre Dame marching band to the lovely city of Pittsburgh for a football game.

That trip stands out in my mind for several reasons. First, I was delighted at the concept of the "stipend." Second, it was the first game we managed to win all season. Third, I got to eat at Hooters.

Being one of three girls in a trombone section of 27 guys had a little bit to do with this restaurant selection. It was all in the name of bonding of course. And the food was actually pretty good.

Well, while I was in France, one of the new business developments in South Bend was the construction of our very own Hooters, out on the infamous Grape Rd strip.

Tonight happened to be "Biker Night", and since Nanci and Pat are bikers, they decided to go with their biker friends, and invited me to come along.

I thought, "Why not?"

I might be a liberal feminist, but I am not too uptight to enjoy breasts and thighs (Chicken! I'm talking about chicken you dirty minded pervs!).

Unfortunately, our waitress, while certainly looking the part of a good Hooters girl, did not seem to be very good at actually waitressing. In fact, a few times, I wanted to blow in her ear and say, "Refill!"

But we eventually got to order, and we eventually got our food, and we eventually got the correct food, and we eventually got utensils to eat it with, and we eventually got the bill, and we eventually got it split, and we eventually got it split three ways and we eventually got it split three ways correctly, and we eventually got our change.

So it all worked out in the end.

I would like to propose my own restaurant theme...with Chip & Dale style waiters, and I want the place to have a rooster theme and be called "Cocks." Or "Pecks." Does that exist already? If not it should.

I'm not picky.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger srah said...

I think you mean Chippendale, although the idea of waiters in chipmunk costumes is pretty fun too! :D

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Court said...

No, no, I meant Chip & Dale. I like Chipmunks.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Big Oz said...



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