Friday, August 20, 2004

Eh alors...?

So here's what I've accomplished so far:

Got id.
Bought books.
Didn't get lost.


Today was French dept orientation and I got to meet my supervisor as well as some of the other new TAs/AIs. We have two Frenchies an Indian, and a handful of Americans. And one of them is from Monroe! Small small world.

Everyone is so freakin' nice here it's unbelievable.

The orientation was mostly focused for the AIs, since they'll be the ones actually teaching classes on their own. Andre (from Bombay) and I are the only TAs, so we managed to not gloss over too much while they went through all the admin stuff.

This afternoon I managed to have a conversation in French with Helene, from Paris, who will be lecuring here. It was nice to discover that I have not lost my French, despite my earlier concerns of not having used it all summer. Whohoo!

My only fear now is that I big time need to review my grammaire...cause it's been awhile.

Tonight I'm meeting the roomate and her friends for Happy Hour at some place called Venos (??). I don't remember. Some Tex-Mex place, of which there are a million in Austin.

There is so much to do here that I feel overwhelmed...I want to do it all.



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