Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blogging from a lab in a French dept near you...

Well folks, I made it.

It took me 20 hours to get here. 20 looong, grueling, agonizing hours. My hand is permanately attached to my forehead in woe.

So. Other than the length, there was really nothing very eventful about the trip down. It's always interesting to drive across country and see the different landscapes, funny restaurants, buildings, landmarks, etc etc etc. Particularly in the South.

It's good to be back in the Dirrty South. Although I feel somewhat like I'm in a foreign country. In fact, I feel more in a foreign country than I did when I was in France. Go figure.

Here are the latest adventures:

Tuesday Evening

Arrive in Austin. Attempt to read directions to house while driving down I-35. Not recommended.
Take the correct exit, but fear I missed the correct turn for my street. Pull over in scary public storage place.
Call housemate.
Discover I have not gone too far, but not far enough.
Get back on access road.
Find street.
Continue reading directions in the dark.
Almost hit pedestrian and his dog.
Decide to pay attention.
Find my new street.
Cannot see to find correct house.
Go too far.
Turn around.
Begin rolling down steep hill.
Find my house. Complete with citronella candles on the porch and a big red glider.
Meet Kellie, my new housemate.
Explore new digs (which took all of 3 minutes).
Become entralled with house and new room.


Wake up with the horrified realisation that I need to unpack the car.
Begin unpacking.
Unload TV with Kellie and manage to scratch the bottom of the screen.
Finish unloading and feel content.
Feeling of contentment dissipates when I realize I have to find a grocery store and Target, and most importantly, my way out of the neighborhood.
Leave house and manage to find way onto main road.
Triumphantly discover Subway and a grocery store down the street.
Find Target sans problem.
Begin buying little trucs for my room.
Get hit with the realization that I really am a poor college student again. This occurs somewhere between buying the stacking crates and plastic drawers.
"Don't have to live like a refugee" begins playing in my head.
Finish shopping, get to car.
Realize I do not know how to get back from Target.
Manage to find my way across I-35 and on the other access road.
Discover the joy that is HEB.
Buy go-ceries.
Find my way back to house without getting lost.
Set up room.
Call my cousin across the street to see if we can finally meet. Her 9 year old daughter answers and says, "OH! Are you the new cousin neighbor?!?!?!"
Too cute.
Meet the cousin (Denise) and her children (Alex and Eliana). Denise offers to drive me around campus and downtown.
Come back home. Spend the rest of the evening chatting and petting their dogs.
Yea for doggie fever.


Wake up at ass crack of dawn to get ready for orientation.
Drive to UT campus and don't get lost!
Get a call from advisor asking if I can come in to see him.
Screw the orientation.
Meet the good Dr.
Agonize over classes.
Run to the Spanish dept.
Agonize some more.
Run back to the French dept.
Settle on what to do.
Discover there is a computer lab for French grad students. Whohoo!

Present Moment

So one of the French proffs just came in and said, "Vous etes Francaise?" (are you French?) Whohoo! Maybe I'm pulling off the whole looking French thing, I don't know.

Anyway, while I am in a strange sort of time warp, I feel amazingly at peace and relaxed. Everyone is so nice. So so nice.

On tap for the rest of the day is to register, get my student id, and get some info about internet access chez moi. Looks like hi-speed is pas possible, which is vraiment dommage, but I will be able to have it at schol at least. So hopefully I can handle the dial-in at home.

Stay tuned for the latest...


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You're back! Yay!


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