Sunday, August 15, 2004

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Well, everything I'm gonna possibly fit in my car is in my car.

Unpacking should be a fun task. I need to hire some child slave labor when I get there.

But seriously I am so impressed. Almost everything I own fit in the car. I would venture to say that everything I own could have fit in the car, had I not decided to stick the TV in there. But oh well. I am tres happy. It was almost Harry Potter-esque...stuff keeps fitting in, no matter how small the space.

So here's the rundown on today:

I woke up early to start packing, started making red beans and rice part II, then went to Jimmy Johns (my new favorite sandwich place) to meet P-diddy for lunch. A shout out for his brand new car. He's been due a nice new ride for a long time, and has done well. A Honda Accord. It is bee-you-tee-full! And it has a 6-cd changer. Rowr. All the ladies are gonna be wantin' a piece of that action.

After lunch I finished packing, then had a nice dinner with Nance, Pat and Kack. We ate outside and had to wear sweatshirts. I swear to God, the apocalypse is coming. What is up with the cold weather in August??

Nanci surprised me with a set of demi-tasse cups--Those cute little tiny pretentious cups for espresso. I decided awhile back I'm going to start collecting them. They have little scenes of Paris on them and are just adorable. So now I can drink my express and stick my pinkie out and be cool.

I am all set. I'll see Drevs and Brigid one last time tomorrow morn, make a stop in Chicago to see my hetero life mate Meg, then it's Tex-ass here I come!

I'm scared. And excited. And sad to leave my "family" in South Bend. But anxious to meet the "new" family I'll meet find in Austin.

I will leave you with this link. I am "officially" on the staff of the UT French Dept. Stay tuned for my "office hours"!

Wish me luck!


At 1:26 AM, Blogger cristina said...

just a small tip...don't call it "tex-ass" when yer actually here. i mean, unless you want to make enemies with an entire state. ha! call me :)

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Big Oz said...

You've seen the new Mobile Taj? Jealous. But you know Diddy draws the birds even without the pimp ride.


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