Thursday, July 15, 2004

Toga! Toga!

Well, just got back from the annual sales party chez the Gordons.  Once a year, the sales staff comes in from all over the country and has a week of meetings, along with a week of fun.
Or something like that.
In my brief period with PG, I never once made it out to the big party.  Not that I didn't want to go, it just always seemed like there was something going on. 
So this year, after finding out the theme was Greece/Olympics/Toga, I had to go.
Highlights of the evening were as follows:
Togas togas everywhere (but please keep your shirts on some of you).
The "Olympic Games," featuring basketball (strapping a basket onto your head and throwing ping pong balls in), horse races (stick horse racing--my team did really crappy), and archery (any of you barflies up for darts?).
Disturbing the peace.
Getting my long overdue massage from the King.  Much too short.
The non-sanctioned Olympic event--Cannonball Splash.
Listening to all the water run out of the pool.
Getting hooked up with a gigantic tupperware of fruit to take home.
Kudos to Lori and John for being great hosts and party-throwers.  I regret having missed the previous years'.
And now it's off to bed.


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