Sunday, July 18, 2004

i, Court

So I've never really considered myself a big science fiction kind of girl.  In fact, I've generally always made fun of the dorks that got into all that "unreal" kind of stuff.
But today I realized I'm sort of a science fiction dork myself.
First, I love the Star Wars trilogy.  Although I got into it kind of late in life.  I also loved LOR and even read and enjoyed the books!
So when I saw the previews for i,Robot I thought "Whooo..." and then immediately realized, yeah, I'm a dork.
But that's ok.  Among the dorks, I like to think of myself as being quite cool...the one other dorks look up to.
Anyway, I conned Drevs into seeing it with me (Will Smith was the star, so it wasn't that hard). I really liked i Robot.  I like Isaac Asimov too.  The only thing I remember reading by him was a short story when I was in 8th grade.  It was about the "Sugar People."  Can't remember the name of the story, but this family moves in and they're weird, and then one day they're outside with everyone and it rains and they melt because they were made of sugar.
That's some freaky sh*t.  But I kind of liked it. 
Anyway, i Robot gets into the whole man vs machine and higher intelligence and all that.  Very cool.  And ah, to be Jada Pinkett.
I also got out to Between the Buns, where I haven't been since I've gotten back from France.  In fact, the last time I had gone was right before I left for France, when the Dr. Osborn (father of Oz) was in town and took us all there for our last American burgers.  Ah, the memories.
Anyway, after the Buns and a little Tour de France action on the new (to me) mini tv at our booth, Drevs and I went to Martins for some groceries and got to see a little drama unfold.
On our way out, we were approached by a man, fairly well dressed, looking very distressed, saying that his car had run out of gas and could we give him some money so he could get home to Walkerton or someplace.
Oldest trick in the book.
So we both said no, we don't have anything, and he went to this other guy in the parking lot.  Suddenly this undercover cop jumps out of nowhere, flashes his badge, and says "We've been getting complaints about you all day."
Then he grabs the guy by the elbow and dragged him into the store.
Drama drama.
I came back home awfully tired, but then Bridge and Carol called so I of course had to go shoot the proverbial sh*t with them on the porch for awhile.  Good times.
Tomorrow I'm off to Chi-town to see my hetero life mate!  The colocs have not seen each other since we said goodbye in the Dallas airport, and I am tres excited.
I feel like such a little socialite. 


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Big Oz said...

That should read "the Good Doctor". And mmm, the Buns. I = excited.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Big Oz said...

And you are such a dork.

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Court said...

Said the kettle to the pot...


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