Monday, July 05, 2004

Fire in the Hole!

So I was so caught up in my car drama yesterday, I forgot to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. I hope you all had a lovely event to celebrate the liberation of America from evil British tyranny. Muhahahahahaha! (don't worry Brits, I do love you...)

Fortunately my 4th got much better after all the car hoopla. My friend Kathi had a cookout chez elle, and invited several of our program friends and her whole family. It was awesome, and luckily the rain held out till after we had finished eating. We simply went back inside and had dessert and coffee and the "guys" (Kathi's son and his friends) took that opportunity to buy even more fireworks.

In the excellent tradition of Louisiana logic, the state of Indiana has a great law that says it's legal to sell fireworks here, but illegal to set them off. You can imagine how well that one is enforced. I was equally amazed that Indiana sells the big "real" fireworks to average Joe Shmoes. Louisiana will only let you have boring stuff. I suppose these can be a bit dangerous, but tant mieux for us. It was really cool.

Anyhoo, when it got dark we all headed down the road to this empty area and the show began. These guys are some serious fireworks do-ers. They had apparently been stocking up their aresenal for a few days, and we literally had two trunkfuls. The main orchestraters were Kathi's 2 nephews, her son and his crazy friend, who decided it would be a good idea to use a propane blow torch to set things off. Oy. Fortunately he did make it out of there with both hands.

The spectacle lasted for 2 hours at least, and everyone started to drift home. I decided to stay and watch the guys shoot the rest of the little fireworks and then watched as they just started lighting things on fire because there was nothing else to shoot. Fun times.

The evening ended with a midnight trip to Denny's, where I haven't been since my senior year in college. Talk about Twilight Zone. Not much has changed, from the decor to that renowned Denny's service (haha) but the company was excellent.

Tomorrow is back-to-work day, as well as try-to-get-the-glass-replaced-on-your-car day. Wish me luck.


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